Ai and NLP

Gain insights into our experience leveraging the knowledge we have available with AI and NLP for ChatBots

Intellectual Property

We provide the skills and experience from analysing IP of companies and providing the guidance of commercialisation and management locally and globally.


Providing insights into Blockchain usage within the financial services industry and application and adoption for enhancing transparency, authenticity and record keeping.

Financial Services

We provide the local and global insights into the local industry including superannuation, robo advisory and technology impacts for the financial services industry.

Digital Financial Services

Digital financial services is now a requirement for all financial services products and advisors, leverage the insights to augment your strategy.

Specialised Social Media

Presence in the social media space has never been more important. From connectivity 24hours 7 days, how you communicate, how you interact and how you manage is now key to future business success.

Business intelligence and knowledgeInfinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.


We counsel our clients on their key strategic issues, leveraging our deep industry expertise and using analytical rigour to help them make informed decisions more quickly and solve their toughest and most critical business problems.

Founded in 2002 and based in Sydney Australia, we continually develop in-house our solutions involving superannuation, mortgages, Artificial Intelligence, Chat Solutions, BlockChain and intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyright and licensing agreements. 


We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital. This usually consists of some or all of our services. This is a service that is heavily regulated. Although we are regulated we provide the guidance and insights plus the understanding.

We help entrepreneurs in the areas of financial services, health, medical, retail, construction, information technology and digital marketing.

We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. This is through our due diligence process and insights, guidance, checklists and experience. We do not raise capital for business as we believe a clear distinction needs to exist between consulting a business and the advisory relating to the capital raising and advisory.


  • Do you have insurance covering risks related to intellectual property?

    Do you have insurance covering risks related to intellectual property? The Ponemon Institute (with the support of AON) is providing a valuable study that deals with insurance related to risks regarding cybersecurity and intellectual property. The research team behind this study collected responses from 2,348 participants in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and

  • The Importance Of Intellectual Property Protection In Entrepreneurship

    If you have ever come up with a unique invention, you may already realize how important it is to protect your intellectual property. Without this protection, any competitor can simply copy your work, put their own brand on it, and sell it as their own. The United States Patent and Trademark Office understands this, and

  • Turn Data Into Intelligence To Drive Growth

    This is the era of the intelligent enterprise. Technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things offer exciting new opportunities to detect patterns, predict outcomes, and suggest actions from the growing mass of an organization’s process, social, and market data. The challenge is knowing how to take advantage of these

  • Business intelligence vs. data analytics

    Data-driven organizations often use the terms “business intelligence” (BI) and “data analytics” interchangeably. They’re not the same thing, but if someone asked you to explain the difference, what would you say? Some people distinguish between the two by saying that business intelligence looks backward at historical data to describe things that have happened, while data