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We help create your business vision become a reality
We believe a consulting firm should be more than an advisor. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business. This builds deep and enjoyable relationships.
Embracing Technology
Business today now has been at greater threat from competitors utilising technology than the threat of technology alone.
Cyber security
Cyber security comes in many forms and ant many different times and approaches. Mitigation and continuity key aspects of day to day business.
Act Local Think Global
Competition is now global, not just from your local operation. Consideration of the local environment and global competitors.
Cross-Platform Thinking
Is your technology keeping up to date with what your existing or future competitors are using or intending to use. Keep up to date with the trends.
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Our Proprietary Program Called ibop® Will Allow You To:
iBOP Concept

Allow our iBOP program to help with development of your business concept

iBOP Design

Managing your pitch business plan pitch is now an integrated online task to help guide you through the maze

iBOP - Value

With our due diligence tools we help our clients get prepared for the trade sale, exit, introduction of partners or capital.

iBOP - Manage

Managing the business once started is a difficult task, allow our online tools to help with the day to management

Intellectual Property Analysis

Get a full understanding of the importance of intellectual property in your business from registration, enforcement, management, commercialisation and valuation.

AI, NLP and Blockchain

Take future performance to the next level from gathering and storing data through to analysis, knowledge management and action based activity.

Understand The Drivers Of Success

Data Analytics

You store data everyday from accounting, taxation through to social media. Storing data is one part – analysis and interpretation to take action and improve the business, introduce new products or find new profitable niche markets.


We believe in the alignment of interests, rather than have no skin in the game, we structure our remuneration based upon the performance of what we deliver. No high consulting fees, our structure is based upon a mix that ensures true alignment with our clients.

Art of Start®

Leveraging a disciplined and proven approach for starting and managing a business is key in today’s world. Our Art of Start® approach provides the guidance to ensure management has the confidence to execute upon the vision.

Intelligence Of Tomorrow