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How to Win

How to Win

Business Planning Tips on Writing an Executive Summary

The executive summary is the first section that the reader of a business plan goes through. It determines if an investor or lender will go through the rest of the business plan and eventually provide funding.

It is therefore important to write a simple and informative executive summary that will attract the interest of the investors.

Tips on writing the executive summary

Include only a summary of the business plan.

You should not give information in details as it is covered in the business plan. Include only the summary of the main points of the business plan.

Organize it well

The business summary should be well organized with headings, bulleted points and the use of illustrations. This will make it easier to read and to skim through.


Use clear language with no jargon. You should explain difficult words on the appendix if you have to use them. Use language that the audience can understand. Use a language that shows you are confident with your business.

Length of the summary

Although each summary is unique, it should be about two to three pages. This will depend on the size of your business plan.

Read your summary

After you write your summary, you should read and reread to ensure that it portrays what the business is about. You can have someone else read it and give his or her understanding of it. The person should answer the question of what your business does after reading it.

The first paragraph

The paragraph should give information on what your company does. For instance, you can state what problem your company helps to solve. This should be clearly stated such that anybody can understand it. 

Other areas of the summary

In the next paragraph, you can give information about the uniqueness of your business. This will mean that your business has a high chance of succeeding.

In the rest of the summary, you should summarize all the areas of the business plan using the order that they appear. Remember to provide a financial summary so that the financiers can assess their returns and to determine if the business can pay loans in the case of lenders.


October 23, 2015


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How To Win

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